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Valuable information


When receiving freight from a transport company, the Buyer should:

1. Re-count a number of packages.

2. Thoroughly inspect the packages for damage (dents).

3. Verify the delivery invoice number with the freight marking.

4. In case of the damage of the freight or packages, immediately notify a representative of the transport company of the damage (or shortage) and make the demand to draw up a bilateral Quantity and Quality Discrepancy Certificate.

5. Take photos of the damaged packages.

6. You should refuse receiving the freight and not receive it partly.

7. After drawing up of the Quantity and Quality Discrepancy Certificate, one copy should be transferred to the representative of the transport company, and the other should remain to the recipient.

8. A copy of the Quantity and Quality Discrepancy Certificate with the photos should be sent to the manufacturer by e-mail: The letter should include the following data: a city, a company, a name and an invoice number for purchasing of the furniture.